3D far-field sonic

Automated subsurface feature extraction

3d render of far-field sonic service
3D Far-Field Sonic Service
Extend sonic imaging and achieve true dip and azimuth

See deep into your reservoir with new depths of insight.

3D sonic imaging for far-field structural feature insights

The 3D far-field sonic service leverages data from Sonic Scanner™ acoustic scanning platform or ThruBit Dipole™ through-the-bit acoustic service to extend sonic imaging far beyond the reach of standard sonic logging. Advanced dipole sonic solutions provide true dip and azimuth by accurately measuring elastic properties axially, radially, and azimuthally to support geomechanical, geophysical, fracture, and petrophysical modeling.

Conventional logging speed


Faster processing and analysis


Deliverables plus 2D along-wellbore image
  • Determining structural information in cased hole, openhole, vertical, horizontal, conventional, and unconventional wells
  • Assessing near-wellbore and far-field fracture conductivity
  • Mapping caprock or lithological boundaries in highly deviated wells

Expedited acquisition, processing, and interpretation

Enhanced telemetry acquires 3D far-field and standard sonic data at up to 3× the speed of conventional sonic logging. This provides an efficient opportunity to look at far-field reservoir imaging. Using this rich dataset, the new automated workflow rapidly delivers consistent, precise quantitative results up to 10× faster than conventional processing and analysis—bringing new insights and improved reservoir understanding.

Imaging integration from the wellbore to the far field

The 3D far-field sonic service integrates results from borehole imaging logs to trace features from the near- to far-field reservoir. This seamless combination validates the near-wellbore structural environment while providing continuity for features that intersect the wellbore—as well as identifying and accurately placing those that don’t and would be otherwise undetected.

  • Multiple stations with azimuthal receivers
  • Intelligent end-to-end workflow
  • Seamless data integration
  • 3D and 2D deliverables
  • Combinability with other formation evaluation logging services and through-the-bit logging services
  • Individual event ray tracing
  • Monopole and dipole processing

Turn insights into action

Intelligent capabilities automate manual tasks to efficiently and accurately determine connectivity for open fractures and identify subseismic structural features and formation layers, tracing them from the borehole wall through the near-field and far-field reservoir. 

Advance fractured reservoir modeling. Conduct comprehensive structural analyses. Get the critical answers you need—all while saving time and mitigating environmental impact. Redefine what’s possible with connected, intelligent system-level optimization.

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