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hDVS Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

Seismic surveys and in-well flow profiling

hDVS Distributed Acoustic Sensing System
Interrogator unit of the hDVS DAS system.

Create opportunities for borehole seismic acquisition

The heterodyne distributed vibration sensing (hDVS) system brings new high-performance capabilities to distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) for efficiently conducting borehole seismic and flow profiling applications. The hDVS DAS system’s optical interrogator unit at surface is connected to any optical-fiber cable deployed in a well—from hybrid wireline logging cable to fiber attached to production tubing or optical fiber permanently cemented behind casing. The interrogator unit measures the Rayleigh backscattered light to provide a local measurement of the dynamic strain, which is converted into seismic waveforms or vibration logs.

Improve efficiency at lower cost

Because the hDVS DAS system makes every logging run or fiber installation an opportunity for seismic data acquisition, it significantly improves the efficiency of borehole seismic operations while lowering the cost. No longer is time required for rigging up and down and dedicated-run deployment of conventional borehole seismic tools because the system is simply connected to the fiber at surface and records seismic data in conjunction with other stationary logging services or on its own.

Increase data density

A full well profile is recorded for each shot in only minutes rather than hours for a conventional tool survey. The full-aperture measurements acquired are suitable for checkshots for seismic calibration or time-lapse imaging over the life of the field.

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