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PREVENT Scale Inhibitors

Incorporating chemistry, deployment techniques, and qualification testing

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Predict scale formation and location

Schlumberger is the leading provider of scale squeeze treatments in the North Sea. Our scale management strategies are based on scale formation and location prediction, evaluation of potential chemistry, and deployment techniques for long-term effectiveness.

We have created a comprehensive line of inhibitor chemistries, with deployment techniques focusing on three areas:

  • preemptive squeezing of reservoirs using nonaqueous-based scale inhibitors
  • conventional squeeze technologies, including tagged and end-capped polymeric inhibitors
  • continuous injection via gas lift, capillary, or direct surface injection.
PREVENT scale inhibitors in the laboratory
Woman in lab testing scale inhibitors

Identify and create the most suitable chemistries

Our laboratories and technicians have the expertise and the tools to perform all the tests required to qualify a suitable package, including

  • static prescreening for compatibility, efficiency, and adsorption
  • dynamic tube-blocking tests at high pressure and temperature
  • low-pressure, low-temperature tests for determining the injection dosage or minimum inhibitor concentration
  • full core study to enable squeeze sensitivity modeling.

Enhancing effectiveness through advanced software support

Schlumberger squeeze treatments are designed using Heriot-Watt University's industry-standard SQUEEZE 10 modeling software and

The integrated design and comprehensive well intervention technologies place Schlumberger at the forefront of reservoir scale management.

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