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Fiber-optic monitoring system

Real-time monitoring for pipelines, SURF, and more

Schlumberger designs, delivers, and supports pipeline surveillance solutions for operators and plants around the world. Our fiber-optics-distributed technologies deliver industry-specific solutions to protect your capital investments through real-time measurement interpretation and provision.

Throughout the process, you are ensured that we meet your needs through operator training, presite surveys, project management and execution, customer support, in-house graphical user interface development, and service and maintenance provision.

Balancing innovation with quality enables us to manage and implement the most commercially viable solutions. In addition, our inherent partnership culture enhances our ability to deliver your solution on time and within budget .

Integriti Platinum
Fully integrated pipeline condition monitoring solutions

Fiber-Optic Technology

Hardware and software for measuring pipeline distances up to 62 mi [100 km]

Fiber-Optic Hardware

Distributed measurement technologies

Harness a range of sensor systems, for short- to long-distance monitoring.

Fiber-Optic Software

Novel, innovative, and powerful data handling

Empower the plant with data visualization configured as local-, plantwide-, or cloud-hosted construction.

Monitoring Services

Solutions for monitoring pipelines, LNG, power cable, fire, and more.

Subsea Umbilicals, Risers, and Flowlines (SURF)

Monitoring for demanding environments

Mitigate costly interruptions to production in higher-pressure and deeper-water targets.

LNG Monitoring

ATEX- and SIL-compliant solutions

Discover a common and effective way to more easily handle and transport hydrocarbons.

Power Cable Monitoring

Global footprint and trusted expertise

Leverage fiber-optic systems for the power industry, including augmenting temperature data with added functional packages to increase data value.

Fire Detection Monitoring

Dual-integrity fiber-optic solutions

Combine speed of detection, dependability, and versatility into proven fire detection solutions.

Fiber-Optic Monitoring Services

Surveillance and monitoring solutions

Enable swift preventive action and improved operability with seamless data connectivity.

Pipeline Monitoring

Industry’s first fully integrated fiber-optic monitoring systems

Measure temperature, strain, and vibration measurements at once—anywhere in the world.

Support Services

Onsite installation, configuration, testing, and commissioning

Ensure operational excellence to rigorous QHSE requirements.

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