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Perforated-zone gas lift system

Improve system efficiency over traditional lifting methods

Enable injected gas across long perforated intervals and unload wells that have liquid-loading problems with the unconventional PerfLift perforated-zone gas lift system—a field-proven technology. This system is a cost-effective solution to low-flow-rate gas-lifted oil wells and lower-flow-rate liquid-loaded gas wells. The PerfLift system incorporates Camco gas lift and subsurface safety systems that enable gas lift injection points below the production packer.

Reduce the cost and complexity of liquid removal

As opposed to costly intervention using a traditional workover rig or coiled tubing unit—the most common method of liquid removal—the PerfLift system is permanently installed when the completion is run, so there is no need for a service rig to install a system after the well is already producing. The PerLift gas lift system is ready for service whenever it is needed, or in cases where liquid loading is an ongoing problem, it can be used continuously to maximize production.

Monitor lift conditions in real time

Monitor liquid encroachment and differential pressure in the wellbore at the deepest point of gas injection with the Phoenix artificial lift downhole monitoring systems gauge, which can be installed with the PerfLift system. The gauge is placed immediately above the lower-most gas lift mandrel to provide real-time information that can be used to optimize production.

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