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Petrel SeisKit plug-in

Spectral analysis, filtering, bandwidth extension, and amplitude gain for faster QC and image enhancement in the Petrel platform


The Petrel™ SeisKit plug-in is used for QC and image enhancement of stacked seismic data. It provides geoscientists with a way to efficiently validate the integrity of the seismic spectrum and bandwidth and perform scenario testing of bandwidth and amplitude compensation enhancements in the Petrel E&P software platform.

The plug-in brings previously unavailable functions to the Petrel platform, including bandwidth extension and Q-compensation, and enables analyzing an entire seismic volume at once or defining smaller 2D or 3D sections for analysis. The result? Faster QC and preconditioning of stacked seismic data for further processing and interpretation workflows.

  • 2D area of interest and 3D volume of interest design for analysis
  • Ability to easily estimate and visualize dip of seismic events
  • Spectral analysis in frequency and space domain on seismic volumes and intersection optionally constrained within volume or area of interest
  • Signal-to-noise ratio estimation from the amplitude spectrum of the provided data
  • Autocorrelation calculation and display function
  • Design and visualization of a single, time-variant, or multiple band-pass filter
  • Application of phase or amplitude Q values to the stacked dataset
  • Bandwidth extension calculation and application in the plug-in
  • Support for various gains, including automatic gain control (AGC), time function, exponential gain, and residual amplitude compensation on seismic volume optionally constrained within volume of interest
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