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Petrel geophysics

An unparalleled productivity environment, completely scalable with integrated pre- and poststack geophysical workflows



Petrel™ subsurface software provides a full spectrum of geophysical workflows to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges—from regional exploration to reservoir development scale. Within a unified multiuser collaboration environment, geoscientists can perform 2D, 3D, and prestack seismic interpretation as well as advanced geophysics, microseismic evaluation, 4D seismic simulation, and quantitative interpretation workflows.


  • Petrel Geophysics Classification and Estimation
    Petrel Classification and Estimation

    Advanced train estimation tools and trend modeling. View

  • Petrel Geophysics Domain Conversion
    Petrel Domain Conversion

    Accurate velocity modeling and domain conversion View

  • Petrel Geophysics Earth Model Building
    Petrel Earth Model Building

    Integrate Omega platform data and extend workflows for a unified, reliable earth model View

  • Petrel Multiphysics plug-in
    Petrel Multiphysics Plug-In

    Integrated processing and modeling capabilities for magnetotelluric, controlled-source electromagnetic, and gravity and magnetic methodologies View

  • Petrel multitrace attributes
    Petrel Multitrace Attributes

    Create advanced seismic attributes to condition seismic data for better structural and stratigraphic interpretation tasks as well as enable powerful 3D volume interpretation workflows. View

  • Petrel prestack seismic interpretation plug-in
    Petrel Prestack Seismic Interpretation Plug-In

    Prestack seismic visualization, interpretation, and processing View

  • Petrel quantitative interpretation
    Petrel Quantitative Interpretation

    Accurate and comprehensive quantitative interpretation View

  • Petrel rock physics and inversion plug-in
    Petrel Rock Physics and Inversion Plug-In

    Modeling and inversion tools for advanced, efficient reservoir characterization View

  • Petrel SeisKit plug-in
    Petrel SeisKit Plug-In

    Spectral analysis, filtering, bandwidth extension, and amplitude gain for faster QC and image enhancement in the Petrel platform View

  • Petrel seismic interpretation
    Petrel Seismic Interpretation

    A responsive and flexible environment for 3D and 2D interpretation View

  • Petrel seismic sampling
    Petrel Seismic Sampling

    Resample seismic volumes and geobodies as properties into 3D grids View

  • Petrel seismic survey design plug-in
    Petrel Seismic Survey Design Plug-In

    Seismic survey design and analysis View

  • Petrel seismic volume rendering and extraction
    Petrel Seismic Volume Rendering and Extraction

    A fast, intuitive, and accurate approach to volume interpretation View

  • Petrel Seismic well tie
    Petrel Seismic Well Tie

    Comprehensive and robust seismic well tie View

  • Petrel structural and fault analysis
    Petrel Structural and Fault Analysis

    Analysis of fault sealing capabilities and mapping QC tools View

  • Petrel structural interpretation
    Petrel Structural Interpretation

    Fast, accurate structural interpretation workflow that reduces interpretation uncertainty and delivers a confident, validated structural framework of the subsurface View

  • Petrel surface imaging
    Petrel Surface Imaging

    Display scanned maps, attribute maps, seismic time slices, and satellite images, draped over surfaces View


Base configuration, providing an integrated platform for geoscience and reservoir engineering.

An integrated environment for geoscience and drilling from well design to geosteering

Integrated 3D and 4D geomechanics modeling and analysis workflows to understand subsurface behavior and plan wells in complex environments.

Enhance the evaluation, development, and production of unconventional resources

Quality and capability tool, including in-context guidance, guided and QC workflows, with the ability to capture knowledge and best practices.

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