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Petrel reservoir engineering

The collaborative environment for reservoir characterization, development planning, production evaluation, and optimizing reservoir performance.


Finding the best development scenario

Geologists, reservoir engineers, and production engineers can work together using Petrel™ reservoir engineering to develop realistic and achievable field planning scenarios, using a comprehensive integration of geological models, reservoir dynamics and production analysis.

Petrel reservoir engineering
Petrel reservoir engineering offers a wide range of analytical solutions to investigate multiple geological realizations, type well curve and decline curve analysis.

Always be ahead of the game

Petrel reservoir engineering 2020 features workover candidate recognition, a comprehensive and fully integrated tool that allows engineers to determine underperforming wells that can be perfect candidates for re-perforation, completion optimization, or any other workover activity.

Petrel reservoir engineering
Compute thousands of wells in one-go and understand which well are true candidates to be optimized.

Completions always optimized and updated

Advanced completion optimization (ACO) allows reservoir and completion engineers to custom-design flow control valves (FCV) using an innovative optimization routine which is performed as the simulation is running in the Intersect simulator. Instead of running multiple cases to find an optimum, ACO optimizes and updates FCV configurations as the simulation runs—it finds the best case in only one run.

Case study - SPE 196662: Advanced FCV optimization in carbonate reservoirs.

Petrel reservoir engineering
Complex flow control valve configuration understanding geological risk by running 100 realizations.

Integration of production logging tool in depogrid simulation models

Depogrid improves the capture of geological details and also creates a better representation of fluid moving in the reservoir, impacting the field development plan, along with decisions made in the field.

With Petrel reservoir engineering 2020, reservoir engineers can generate a simulated production logging tool (PLT), which can be compared against a real PLT taken in a well. This helps them understand the consistency between geological details and production response.

Petrel reservoir engineering
Petrel reservoir engineering

Visualize and compare simulation PLTs with observed ones to improve reservoir characterization and produce reliable forecasts.

Faced with understanding fluid flow and the corresponding fluid recovery from a porous media, the reservoir engineer is involved in the entire life cycle of the reservoir—from reservoir exploration to production and from engineered wells all the way to reservoir storage and abandonment.

What’s New in Petrel Reservoir Engineering 2020
Short video on the new features in Petrel reservoir engineering 2020


Base configuration, providing an integrated platform for geoscience and reservoir engineering.

An integrated environment for geoscience and drilling from well design to geosteering

Integrated 3D and 4D geomechanics modeling and analysis workflows to understand subsurface behavior and plan wells in complex environments.

Enhance the evaluation, development, and production of unconventional resources

Quality and capability tool, including in-context guidance, guided and QC workflows, with the ability to capture knowledge and best practices.


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