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Petrel data analysis

Analyze any data from all angles


Petrel™ data analysis enables interactive analysis of distributions and trends and their relationships across all data types. Histogram, function, and stereonet windows—as well as the Petrel data analysis process—are provided for analyzing upscaled well data and grid properties.

  • Interactive variogram analysis

The interactive variogram analysis includes options for initial search-cone parameter suggestions and fitting the variogram to the regression curve, with the ability to also build nested variograms. Detailed analysis can be saved for each property for direct use in the modeling processes. Sensitivity plots enable users to compare the impact of each uncertain variable in a risk-analysis context.

Petrel data analysis
Evaluate fractures with the stereonet window, display the rose diagram and filter fractures by type, well, dip angle, dip azimuth.
  • Import and export vertical proportion curves for specific facies and optionally fit all vertical proportion curves to the histogram for all zones and all facies automatically and all at once
  • Prepare input data using transformation sequences (input/output truncations, scale shifts, and distribution shape options complemented by tools for trend fitting and removal) prior to petrophysical modeling
  • Generate variogram maps from your input data to determine major and minor directions of anisotropy
  • Use the declustering option for data analysis of horizontal or clustered wells to honor global facies and petrophysical proportions
  • Display rose diagrams and analyze dip and azimuth data in stereonet windows
  • View simulation summary results using crossplots and histograms in the function window
  • Create functions from crossplots and create raw crossplots and distribution functions from histograms
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