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Petrel geology and modeling

Full suite of tools including petroleum systems modeling, well correlation, mapping, and geocellular modeling


Petrel subsurface software provides a full range of tools to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges—from regional exploration to reservoir development. Within a single environment, geoscientists can perform the key geological workflows from stratigraphic and seismic interpretation through fracture, facies, and geocellular property modeling to history matching and production simulation.

Enhanced geological understanding

A full suite of reservoir characterization tools enables geoscientists to develop stratigraphic and structural reservoir understanding and move seamlessly from 2D maps to 3D models, providing accuracy throughout the exploration, development, and production lifecycle.

  • Generate well correlation panels and traditional map plots for printing and reporting
  • Geosteer horizontal and highly deviated wells with SLB LWD tools in real time
  • Perform stratigraphic interpretation, contouring, map editing, and evaluation of structural complexity prior to geocellular modeling
  • Analyze data geostatistically prior to populating the geocellular model with facies and petrophysical properties, using a range of deterministic and stochastic algorithms


Advanced structural and stratigraphic modeling

Petrel subsurface software delivers workflows that greatly enhance reservoir knowledge.

  • Construct and automate structural frameworks during interpretation
  • Accurately represent complex structures with the unique volume-based modeling technique
  • Rapidly define critical flowing or sealing windows along faults and integrate fault properties and geometries
  • Perform dual-porosity and dual-permeability simulation of fluid flow for facies such as carbonates using modeled fracture networks
  • Improve prospect definition and well placement by using interpreted data to evaluate uncertainties in volumetrics, porosity, permeability, structure, or any other relevant property


Reduced exploration risk

Comprehensive exploration capabilities span from regional evaluations to prospect generation and address the following.

  • Evaluation of key uncertainties for all components of the petroleum system: trap, reservoir, charge, and seal
  • Rapid initial exploration screening at the play scale or for individual prospects
  • Building of 3D models ready for full dynamic petroleum systems simulation in PetroMod software, with evaluation of the simulation results directly in Petrel
  • Simulation of 1D petroleum systems models
  • Assessment of play risk when prioritizing opportunities and with swift, consistent updating—all results are directly connected to the data and interpretations
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Base configuration, providing an integrated platform for geoscience and reservoir engineering.

An integrated environment for geoscience and drilling from well design to geosteering

Integrated 3D and 4D geomechanics modeling and analysis workflows to understand subsurface behavior and plan wells in complex environments.

Enhance the evaluation, development, and production of unconventional resources

Quality and capability tool, including in-context guidance, guided and QC workflows, with the ability to capture knowledge and best practices.


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