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Fractal Flex

Multistage stimulation perforating system

Perf lab

The Fractal Flex* multistage stimulation perforating system reengineers the conventional perforating gun system to create a fit-for-purpose modular design that significantly improves the safety, reliability, and efficiency of multistage perforating operations while enhancing charge selection flexibility.

Only minimal assembly is necessary on location. All components are supplied in plug-and-play subassemblies. Because the initiation system includes the only addressable mechanical ballistic interrupt in the industry, the guns can be fully loaded and armed in the shop—where local regulations permit armed gun transport—eliminating the need for field arming. Because the Fractal Flex system incorporates redesigned electrical connections and gun-to-gun connections that that eliminate wiring and seal issues while reducing intercarrier length, rig-up height is reduced while efficiency and reliability are improved.

Multistage stimulation perforating system.
Multistage stimulation perforating system.