West Texas Sandhill 3D Merge

Seamless seismic volume processed using a unique workflow

WesternGeco texture hero

Unique workflow mitigates differences in acquisition geometries

Schlumberger has successfully completed a merge of the Jumano 3D survey with the high-density Sandhill 3D WAZ survey recently acquired in partnership with Breckenridge Geophysical. A seamless volume was obtained by implementing our advanced 5D matching pursuit Fourier interpolation (MPFI) workflow to mitigate differences in acquisition geometries. The dense acquisition, along with the latest noise attenuation techniques—including coordinate-driven coherent noise attenuation techniques such as SWAMI surface wave analysis, modeling, and inversion—addressed near-surface scattering challenges, particularly in the Cenozoic fill zones.

Merge of Jumano 3D seismic survey with Sandhill 3D Phase 1 survey

Seismic data helps resolve your reservoir challenges in the Permian Basin

No matter your project—from E&P to carbon reduction—the Sandhill 3D merge enables you to meet your objectives, including

  • drilling hazards detection
  • near-field exploration
  • drilling and completions optimization
  • production enhancement
  • end-of-life decisions
  • carbon capture and sequestration, flaring, and water management.