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North America Land Multiclient Data Library

Illuminate the subsurface with 2D and 3D seismic data, modern WAZ, and well log data

North America land multiclient data

Resolving your subsurface imaging challenges

Our extensive library includes regional 2D and 3D seismic data, modern wide azimuth seismic acquisitions with recently acquired high-density full azimuth surveys, and well data to illuminate the subsurface. From exploration through production and new energy projects, we can help you better understand the subsurface to meet your objectives.

Aerial view of western US.

Multiclient Data Library

Quality onshore data library for fast-paced and well-informed decision making

Browse the interactive map to view available nonexclusive multiclient Schlumberger WesternGeco and legacy Vector Seismic data.

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Regional maps—more than 40,000 mi2 of wide-azimuth and ultradense 3D seismic data

Region  Available Data
Region  Alaska Available Data >3,600 mi2 of 3D seismic data; 7,000 mi of 2D data 
Region  California Available Data  >1,200 mi2 of 3D seismic data; thousands of miles of 2D data
Region  Canada Available Data >12,000 mi2 of 3D seismic data; >500 mi of 2D data
Region  Louisiana Available Data Thousands of square miles of transition zone and land seismic 3D data
Region  Midcontinent Available Data >1,800 mi2 of 3D seismic data
Region  Rocky Mountains Available Data >1,750 mi2 of 3D seismic data (including recently reprocessed Table Rock 3D survey); extensive 2D seismic data
Region  South Texas and Gulf Coast  Available Data  >630 mi2 of WAZ 3D seismic data; >3,100 mi2 of NAZ 3D seismic data; extensive brokered database
Region  West Texas and New Mexico Available Data >6,000 mi2 of WAZ 3D seismic data; >7,780 mi2 of NAZ 3D seismic data; 900 mi2 of some of the most high-density multiclient data in the Permian Basin

Recent project—West Texas Sandhill 3D merge

Schlumberger has successfully completed a merge of the Jumano 3D survey with the newly acquired, high-density Sandhill 3D WAZ survey. A seamless volume was obtained by implementing our advanced 5D matching pursuit Fourier interpolation (MPFI) workflow that mitigated differences in acquisition geometries. The dense acquisition, along with the latest noise attenuation techniques—including coordinate-driven coherent noise attenuation techniques such as SWAMI surface wave analysis, modeling, and inversion—addressed near-surface scattering challenges, particularly in the Cenozoic fill zones.

West Texas Sandhill 3D merge
Merge of Jumano 3D seismic survey with Sandhill 3D Phase 1 survey
Latest Reprocessing Projects
  • Gaines megamerge location in West Texas.
    Schlumberger Completes Gaines 3D Megamerge Seismic Reprocessing Project
    1,066 mi2 of lucrative West Texas acreage

    Seven surveys across three counties enables regional geological representation from platform to slope to the Midland Basin. View

  • Southeast Lea Depth Reimaging and Survey Merge project
    Southeast Lea Depth Reimaging and Survey Merge

    Gain a better regional geological understanding of the structurally complex Permian Basin. View

Latest Multiclient Acquisitions
  • Sandhill location in West Texas
    Schlumberger Completes Sandhill 3D WAZ Survey, West Texas
    762 mi2 of crucial multiclient data in Delaware and Central Basins

    Superior seismic resolution will increase confidence for this geologically complex area. View

  • High-density acquisition, covering 412 mi2 in Martin, Andrews, Dawson and Gaines counties, Texas, Permian Basin
    Schlumberger Announces Completion of Wide-Azimuth Multiclient Survey Project in the Permian Basin

    High-density acquisition produces fit-for-basin seismic dataset for clearer imaging of regional subsurface challenges. View

Fit-for-purpose solutions for land exploration across North America

End-to-end solutions for your subsurface needs—from exploration to production

With our global reach, domain expertise, and innovative technologies, we provide fully integrated, fit-for-purpose solutions, from survey design, execution, and data processing to reservoir characterization and well planning. Through our logistics and unique business models, we deliver secure, timely, and cost-effective quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

North America land seismic workflow

Reservoir imaging to accurately geosteer your well

Optimize your drilling programs with precise reservoir imaging and services to identify drilling hazards, as well as accurate geosteering to land in your target interval and stay there throughout the lateral. To do this, our solutions enable you to understand the stress environment and geomechanical properties both shallow and at the target interval. Prestack depth migration improves structural integrity; increases resolution; and provides more precise fault definition, better phase stability, and a geologically consistent velocity field.

Before and after calibrated tomography
Before and after calibrated tomography. The depth uncertainty is greatly reduced, resulting in fewer unexpected changes while geosteering the well.

Data solutions for new energy and ESG

We provide subsurface data and solutions for

  • CCS and geothermal projects
  • environmental, social, and governance (ESG) regulations
  • fairing reduction and water management.
collage of 9 different sectors of Schlumberger New Energy
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