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Losseal Reservoir Fracture

Lost circulation control treatment

Losseal Reservoir Fracture

Losseal Reservoir Fracture lost circulation control treatment is a composite blend of dissolvable fibers and solids, providing a highly effective lost circulation solution for use during drilling.

The Losseal Reservoir Fracture treatment’s material maintains its stability over a broad bottomhole temperature range. Proven to plug fractures of varying width, the treatment’s material is stable for sufficient time to allow for well completion but eventually degrades with time. Once degraded, the material leaves the formation undamaged, allowing the natural fracture to produce without remedial treatment.

Parameters that can affect fiber performance include fluid viscosity, fiber concentration, fiber geometry, flow rate, and fracture width. The Losseal Reservoir Fracture treatment’s fibers are delivered in a fluid that has been designed for easy preparation at surface and can be configured to allow for compatibility with BHAs.

This innovative degradable solution has been successful during field trials in various drilling scenarios where severe to total losses were experienced. The Losseal Reservoir Fracture treatment’s material was placed without issue through BHA and drill bit nozzles.

Losseal reinforced composite mat pills family
Fracture permeability data in time, demonstrating plug stability and subsequent dissolution. The images show the treatment’s material in varying stages of degradation. The fiber system is stable for a configurable period of time then breaks down to allow for production, leaving the formation undamaged.


  • Drilling fluid loss in naturally fractured reservoirs during drilling
  • Carbonate, sandstones, and dolomite producing formations
  • Fractured basement drilling
  • Fractured depleted reservoirs


  • Prevents drilling fluid invasion into the reservoir
  • Offers rapid response time for preparation and mixing
  • Reduces nonproductive time while drilling
  • Expedites time to TD
  • Mitigates formation damage
  • Eliminates the need for remedial treatments


  • Plugging material degrades with time to allow production from the zone
  • Fiber durability options offer adjustable plugging periods according to operational need
  • Treatment can be pumped through some BHAs and drill bits