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Directional Drilling Insights

Published: 10/29/2019

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    What is this new category—the at-bit steerable system?

    At-bit steerable systems (ABSS) represent an evolution in steering technologies that integrates cutting structures with steering tools to advance the capabilities of the BHA in all aspects. It’s an evolution that has been in the making for over 60 years. NeoSteer CL and NeoSteer CLx ABSSs are two new offerings in this category that showcase what’s possible in this new world of at-bit steerable systems.

    What are the NeoSteer CL curve and lateral at-bit steerable system and the NeoSteer CLx extreme curve and lateral at-bit steerable system, and why did Schlumberger introduce them to the market?

    The NeoSteer CL and NeoSteer CLx ABSSs are two new exciting technologies in the at-bit steerable systems category. These technologies combine the cutting structure with the steering system to provide high-dogleg capabilities in curves and true performance drilling in tangents and laterals—without having to reconfigure the BHA. Schlumberger decided to develop this technology to advance drilling efficiencies in multiple sections of a wellbore without compromising dogleg.

    What makes this technology so different? Why such an evolution?

    The combination of the cutting structure and the steering system is truly what sets this technology apart from everything that is available today. It represents a shift in how we look at BHA components. They are no longer separate pieces that you combine to drill a well, but rather, a system that is truly engineered to work together to ensure the optimization of DLS, ROP, and reliability. The capability to deliver high-performance drilling in all sections of the wellbore with one tool is a direct result of this technology’s ability to leverage the geometry of the actuating system to the cutting structure.

    These new systems also utilize our advanced downhole closed-loop automation control system (HIA) that enables our drillers and directional drillers to focus more on drilling performance for our customers rather than continuously having to send commands to the system.

    This is a new family introduction. Can you explain the reasoning for this?

    This new family of tools represents a new era of directional drilling. Our ability to engineer steering tools and cutting structures to meet current and future needs can only be realized by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. At-bit steerable systems will capitalize on our ability to fine-tune every aspect of the design to provide unique and advanced solutions that our customers are asking for. This new category will enable us to introduce numerous technologies that would provide our customers with advanced offerings that are only possible through this new advancement in engineering.

    From a customer’s perspective, can you explain the true value this will add to their wells?

    In this day and age, and actually across the timeline for the oil and gas industry, everyone is after the most economical solution for well construction. The Neosteer CL and NeoSteer CLx ABSSs will enable our customers to effectively reduce their drilling costs by increasing their on-bottom performance, reducing their off-bottom time and consistently delivering properly placed wells with lower tortuosity that maximizes the return on their drilling investment.

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