Shale Shakers

Consistent solids control performance on land or offshore

M-I SWACO offers a complete line of advanced balanced-elliptical and linear-motion shale shakers for applications onshore and offshore. Whether used as scalping, primary, or stand-alone units, our high-capacity shale shakers—available for rent or purchase—deliver consistent solids removal performance, even in the most demanding drilling environments.

High-capacity solids processing with minimal rig space

M-I SWACO shale shakers are designed to occupy minimal rig space while delivering operational enhancements to handle high solids volume, especially in high-ROP applications, where peak drilling fluid performance efficiency is imperative. Our shakers quickly and thoroughly remove drill solids from the circulating mud to prevent solids degradation that can diminish ROP, damage equipment, increase NPT, and drive up costs.

Ultimate Shaker Performance

To get the ultimate in shaker performance, combine the SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator with the MONGOOSE PRO shale shaker and DURAFLO composite screens.

Shale shaker optimization through innovation

In designing solids control technology, M-I SWACO research and development examined the shaker’s vital role as the first mechanism for solids removal, exploring shaker vibration patterns, G-force, deck size and configuration, processing efficiency, and optimal screen characteristics.

MD-2 Shale Shaker

An unbeatable combination for solids control

MD-3 Triple-Deck Shale Shaker

MEERKAT PT Shale Shaker


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SCREEN PULSE Fluid & Cuttings Separator

Maximize the power of our DURAFLO Composite Screens with the SCREEN PULSE Fluids & Cuttings Separator.

Reduce Costs and Waste Volumes with M-I SWACO Shaker Screens

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A comprehensive suite of OEM and replacement shaker screens that combine multiple mesh sizes with our patented composite frame technology to provide higher throughput and longer life. Visit Shaker Screens page