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3d CGI image of white and blue spheres (ccus-carbon capture-01-hero)
3d CGI image of white and blue spheres (ccus-carbon capture-01-hero)
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Accelerate decarbonization—starting with carbon capture

CO2 is rarely accessible as a standalone molecule to capture and store underground. Instead, it’s usually mixed with other gases produced in industrial processes. So, the ability to capture CO2 from different effluent gas streams is key. Additional challenges include high energy consumption, complex systems integration, infrastructure footprint, and the handling of contamination in gas streams—all resulting in higher capex and opex.

Leveraging our expertise, SLB is building a broad and highly differentiated carbon capture portfolio that covers a wide range of emissions streams. This includes solutions across a broad variety of industrial emissions and those for typically hard-to-abate and dilute CO2 streams. Through our technology leadership and unique commercial models, we improve your capture performance while lowering costs.

A unique, versatile nonaqueous solvent

SLB and RTI International have partnered to industrialize and scale up an absorption-based carbon capture technology. The proprietary nonaqueous solvent (NAS) can be applied across a broad range of industrial sectors—from cement and steel manufacturing, coal and gas power generation, chemicals, and hydrogen.

With low energy consumption, simple process configuration, low corrosion chemistry, and fast reaction rates, NAS technology reduces energy consumption by up to 40% during CO2 capture and minimizes both capex and opex compared with traditional solvents.

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Low energy consumption

Reduces regeneration energy demand through advanced chemistry

Simple process configuration

Removes the need for complex energy integration and recovery schemes

Low corrosion tendency

Eliminates the need for high-grade corrosion-resistant alloys

Fast chemical reaction rates

Speeds up molecular processes to reduce carbon residence time and equipment size

Our investment in versatile carbon capture technology enables decarbonization at scale. Meaning we can deploy our solutions across many industries to accelerate carbon capture worldwide. With differentiated technology, SLB is poised to improve carbon capture performance at scale.

3D render of CYNARA Acid gas removal membrane systems

Leading carbon separation from natural gas

SLB has been removing CO2 from natural gas streams since the early 1980s with our Cynara H2S and CO2 separation membranes. Cynara membranes have a proprietary membrane design with the most efficient surface area in the market, which is critical for scaling CO2 separation and capture. This provides higher-efficiency CO2 separation without chemicals, reducing cost and environmental impact while delivering a track record of 99% uptime. Cynara membranes also reduce embodied carbon by up to 50% compared with alternative methods of acid gas removal and minimize emissions by 30% to 50% when compared with amine sweetening.

The higher hydrocarbon retention from Cynara membranes versus alternative membranes enables CCUS for high-purity CO2 outlet streams, further reducing emissions intensity.

Cynara membranes


field-proven average uptime

Up to 50%

embodied carbon reduced compared with alternatives


emissions reduced

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Fundamental carbon capture and sequestration for managers

This virtual course will familiarize management personnel across industries about CCUS. Topics include a discussion on the global outlook for CCUS, integrated workflows for projects, key technologies, case studies, and more. 

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The vital role of CCUS and SLB’s involvement

Watch as our SLB experts discuss the challenges facing the CCUS industry and how we’re poised to ensure your project’s success. 

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Carbon capture and sequestration—a rapidly growing industry

This webinar discusses the critical stages to planning and implementing successful CCUS projects. It also presents case studies and talks about how SLB evolved its technology portfolio to support CCUS.

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