Swing-style Tom Wheatley

Check valve

Swing-style Tom Wheatley check valve in a pipeline at a processing facility.

The swing-style Tom Wheatley™ check valve is a quality product for controlling backflow in your pipeline system. With a full-open, through-conduit design, this fire-tested check valve has a multidecade track record of providing dependable backflow protection.

  • Downstream of pumps and compressors to prevent reverse flow
  • Gas compressor stations
  • Gas storage
  • Gas processing stations
  • Land exploration and development drilling
  • Pump stations and wellhead inspection facilities
  • Subsea infrastructure

Swing-style Tom Wheatley check valves protect your pumps by preventing backflow. The top-entry design enables inline repairs, saving time.

  • Full bore
  • Ability to pass pigs and spheres
  • Seals that provide bubble-tight shutoff
  • Suitability for upward vertical flow or horizontal installation
  • API Spec 6D monogram
  • Mini-Slam II rotary dampener to reduce the movement of the clapper in pulsating flow service (e.g., when installed directly downstream from a reciprocating compressor)
  • Facility to lock open using a manual lever or a gear operator
  • Wide range of trims for diverse service conditions
  • Integral and removable seat options
  • Tested for fugitive emissions to ISO 15848-1 standard