ELEMENTAL Degradable Alloy Frac Balls | Video | Schlumberger

ELEMENTAL Degradable Alloy Frac Balls | Video

Eliminate the need for mechanical removal and milling of frac balls and plugs

Degradable alloy frac balls

Conventional multistage stimulation involves a series of ball-actuated stages isolated by packers. Frac balls are pumped from the surface to isolate and selectively access individual zones, and they are subsequently flushed back to surface to allow production to begin. Production can be hindered if even one ball deforms, fractures, or fails to flow back. Balls and seats must then be milled out, adding time, costs, and risks to the project. Frac balls made using ELEMENTAL degradable technology hold their shape during stimulation and then degrade predictably within hours or days after making contact with a well fluid. Eliminating expensive, time-consuming milling allows longer horizontal wells, more stimulation stages, and unobstructed production.

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