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Cameron Frac and Flowback Digital Services

Enriching well stimulation with real-time data and analysis

Reduce risk

Remote digital control and automation

Activities and personnel removed from the red zone

Wellsite destaffing for minimized risk and maximized safety

Improve decision making

Timely critical decisions

Enhanced basis by integrating real-time data, automated workflows, and digital controls

Achieve full operational integrity

Improved operational integrity and efficiency

Optimized workflows and processes

Comprehensive operational reliability

Maximize continuous operations

Faster transition times between stages

Reduced opex

Minimized NPT

Cameron Frac Equipment and Services

Perform continual, consistent maximum-capacity stimulation operations with real-time information and digital control

Efficiency is a business imperative shared by every fracturing operation around the globe. Our data-enriched digital approach to well stimulation enables operational efficiency through

  • maximum capacity
  • more stages per well
  • higher rate of stages per day
  • much shorter completion cycle time.

Pairing real-time digital control and automation with access to real-time information also significantly mitigates the numerous risks associated with manual operation, including removing your people from the red zone, and reduces the environmental footprint.

The ultimate result: You’ll redefine your performance standards for the better.

A touchscreen device is shown with a representation of the wellsite layout for automated operations.
Count on Cameron to keep you ahead.

The future of frac and flowback operational performance is automation. Cameron brings you the future, now.

ValveCommander platform
Frac trees with Monoflex and ValveCommander
Improve your multiwell fracturing efficiency with valve automation via the ValveCommander platform.

Control completely from outside the red zone with ValveCommander platform

Introduce remote visibility and actuation of frac valves to your multiwell fracturing operations with complete confidence by employing the Cameron ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform. The platform’s seamless digital valve control centralizes decision making and significantly lowers the risk of human error.

By ensuring correct valve operation and complex sequencing, the ValveCommander platform makes overpressured valves a thing of the past. Additional wellsite safety improvements are instrumentation to detect whether the wireline toolstring has cleared the frac tree valves, eliminating the potential for accidental wireline cutting.

The ValveCommander platform’s advisor ensures that your workflow is executed according to the job plan and enables easily evaluating job efficiency.

Learn about ValveCommander platform
Automated Valve Greasing System

Increase operational performance while decreasing NPT

We’ve made your valve greasing process offline and remote to reduce risk and costs, save time, and optimize grease consumption. What could be easier?

The Cameron automated greasing system is engineered to deliver simple and effective valve maintenance at hydraulic fracturing sites. This accelerated process eliminates the need for personnel in the red zone. Instead, the intuitive remote control interface is used to select each valve that needs service, and a precise volume of grease is delivered on the basis of advanced analytics and instrumentation. Keeping personnel out of the red zone means that normal fracturing operations can continue on other wells, improving wellsite efficiency.

Learn about automated valve greasing system
A tablet showing a digital status of a frac tree
Reduce greasing time by 20% and grease quantity by 25% while removing all personnel from the red zone with the automated greasing system.
Flowback Wireless Advisory Platform
Two tablets showing digital charts
Make flow interruptions from choke obstructions a thing of the past while enabling a 100% reduction in personnel in the red zone by tracking your data with the flowback wireless advisory platform.

Track your flowback data anytime, anywhere

The flowback wireless advisory platform automates collection of your flowback operational data—and access to it in real time, visualized on the edge or in the cloud—for more accurate, reliable, consistent, and secure performance insight.

The manager standardizes the collection and delivery of raw data for flow rates and pressure to not only improve well performance and efficiency, but it also enables removing the kind of human error that could lead to well shut-in, extended flow interruptions, and damage to the formation.

Learn About Flowback Wireless Advisory Platform
Flowback Equipment and Services
Cameron Frac and Flowback Equipment and Services
Solutions for consistent and continuous maximum performance in your hydraulic fracturing operations.
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