Performance Live

Digitally connected service for frac operations

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Performance Live
Experience what digitalization and automation can do to transform your frac fluid delivery performance.

Digitally enhance and automate your operations to transform your frac fluid delivery performance

By building in digitalization and automation to your operations, Performance Live digitally connected service for frac optimizes execution, safety, and sustainability across the wellsite. Full integration with edge and cloud computing enables you to measure, monitor, control, and collaborate. With frac operations precisely orchestrated per your standard workflows, you’ll get the job done more efficiently and reliably. You’re kept informed of all activities and services, including frac valve operation and maintenance conducted with live remote control. This heightened efficiency lowers pump idle time to cut related emissions and improve sustainability.

Automate to digitally control your frac valves from outside the red zone

ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform eliminates nonproductive time associated with valve actuation to increase the number of stages completed in a day by up to 50%. You’ll instantly control frac valves with the click of a button and monitor position in real time on a visual status display. The platform digitizes the standard workflow of the fluid delivery system and includes an advisor with step-by-step guidance of valve sequencing and numerous safety interlocks to reduce the risk of improper valve operation.

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Automate your valve greasing to optimize maintenance operations

Simplify and optimize valve maintenance during fracturing operations by removing it from the critical path. The automated valve greasing system operates remotely to eliminate the need for people to enter the red zone for valve maintenance, which means that frac operations can continue on other wells. Automation not only reduces maintenance time by up to 25% but it decreases grease consumption by 20%.

After all, a better maintained valve is a more reliable valve.

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