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A Schlumberger company

Smith Bits has been a Schlumberger company since 2010. Like Herman C. Smith, our people are a curious sort—working to better understand drilling applications our customers encounter and how to improve drilling operations with reliable advancements that make a difference where the bit meets the rock.

Comprehensive drilling system analysis

Our design process isn't about cookie-cutter solutions. We start at the rock with the kind of formation and lithology you will encounter—working backward from the rock-cutter interface. Analysis continues upward along the drillstring, the drive system, individual BHA components, and the total system on bit behavior in a dynamic drilling environment. It also takes into account the specific operating parameters and the interaction between individual elements of the drilling assembly.

Not every well is exactly the same—even within a field. That's why we persist in having such a consistent and methodical process for delivering performance and improvements that make a difference. The outcome of this process are application-specific bits that consistently outperform previous designs or third-party bits when measured against the same parameters.
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Drill Bits

Rock destruction options for every drilling application

Blade Family

Bits with unique cutting elements

Optimize drilling in any formation with bits incorporating specialty element designs.

PDC Bits

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits

Harness the workhorse of the drilling industry with bits that work harder and withstand more than PDC bits.

Roller Cone Bits

Customizable, reliable, durable TCI and milled tooth bits

Achieve superior drilling performance with durable TCI and milled tooth roller cone bits.

Specialty Bits

Bits to meet your performance demand needs

Experience premium performance, dynamic stability, and durability.

Engineered Drillstring Design

Optimized BHAs for any application

Engineer the optimal drilling assembly for any application, including bit designs that account for each element of the BHA.

Reamers and Stabilizers

Purpose-specific tools for soft and sticky to hard and abrasive formations

Drilling Jars and Impact Tools

Impact tools that reduce risk of expensive equipment loss

Accelerator AP

Impact tool

Maximize jar impact force with additional stretch in the drillstring.

AP Impact

Advanced performance impact system

Free stuck drillstem components in vertical or deviated wells.

Hydra-Jar AP

Double-acting hydraulic drilling jar

Free stuck drillstem components during drilling or workover operations in vertical or deviated wells.


Bumper sub

Obtain 6 ft of telescopic movement to compensate for drillstring oscillation in deepwater drilling operations.

Shock Sub

Impact and vibration reduction tool

Reduce impact loads produced during milling and drilling operations, increase ROP, and extend equipment life.

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