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Premium liner hanger system

Simplify liner deployment in nontraditional completions

Save time on liner deployment while maximizing system integrity with the COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system. Usually used in nontraditional completions such as slotted liners, screens, multistage stimulation, and steam injection, the COLOSSUS UNC system comprises a specialized packer and setting tool.

The hydraulically set Long Reach integral liner hanger packer combines the liner hanger and packer on the same mandrel; both are set simultaneously, maximizing system integrity and simplifying operations.

The system’s hydraulic setting capability, combined with its push, pull, and rotation capabilities, allows controlled liner deployment without excessive workstring manipulation.

COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system
Rely on Schlumberger quality for maximum liner hanger system integrity.
COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system
COLOSSUS UNC uncemented liner hanger system

Choose the system that suits your requirements

    LRP600 Thermal   LRP Max
System ISO rating, metal-to-metal   V6   V0
Drill down   No    Yes
Liner rotation   Yes   Yes
Hanger setting mechanism   LRP600 pusher tool   LRP Max pusher tool
Running tool release method   Hydraulic or mechanical   Hydraulic or mechanical
Well type   Oil   Oil or gas
Application   Vertical to horizontal   Vertical to horizontal
Extended reach

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