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DrillOps data aggregation and delivery​

Surface, downhole and equipment data aggregation, transmission, and visualization to put all your data at your fingertips, anytime

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Access and analyze all your drilling data in real-time with aggregation and visualization from DrillOps intelligent well delivery and insights solutions, on the Delfi digital platform.

DrillOps data aggregation and delivery is a vendor neutral solution which will integrate all well operations data into a single ecosystem, that facilitates interpretation and is extensible to user-built solutions. It will provide a step-by-step simplified workflow, reduction of human dependencies, and transform how data aggregation services are delivered. This enables a consistent approach which allows you to be closer to your data anytime, anywhere, and with the right context.

The ecosystem will also enable data visualization at the rig and in town, through its cloud WITSML store application, opening the door for additional data and analytic service solutions offered by SLB. Third-party applications can also be fed from the same infrastructure through the DrillOps solutions extensibility portal.


Onshore and offshore drilling

How it improves wells:

  • Accesses and aggregates all surface, downhole, wireline and equipment data for visualization and analysis.
  • Intelligently monitors drilling conditions.
  • Delivers smart, automated analytics.
  • Optimizes real-time drilling performance.
  • Improves decision making to reduce risks.
  • Long term data storage.
  • High buffering capacity (up to 120 hours) enabling smoother operations in low bandwidth conditions.
  • Extensibility—capability to integrate plugins through an extensibility framework. These plugins are capable of running real-time (RT) computations that can be visualized at the well site or sent to town for further analysis.
  • Data quality checks to flag the most common data inconsistencies from RT data acquisition systems.
  • Data sanitization via time offset and null value adjustment.
  • Energistics transfer protocol (ETP) enabled—empowering low latency in data transmission.

Our solution is engineered for seamless operation, requiring no specialized training, and can be effortlessly managed and configured remotely, ensuring user-friendly accessibility and convenience.

Compressed format: uses a proprietary protocol—a rig to town sync. It handles both RT mode sync and catch-up mode, in an effective way enabling lower data transfer latency and bidirectional communication.

DrillOps data aggregation and delivery, provides rapid access to data anytime, aggregating it and curating it to enable real-time decision support. Now with mobile compatibility, you can access your data analysis at any time.

  • WITMSL and over ETP 1.1 as both producer and consumer.
  • Support Latest ENERGISTICS standard, serial or TCP/IP WITS0, ASCII, LAS, ModBus or OPC–UA.
  • Synchronization of time references during data acquisition of time-based real-time data.
  • Supports all key WITSML standard objects (well, wellbore, logs, trajectory, mudlogs messages, DrillReport, risk, etc.).
  • Enables data importing via LAS and CSV.
  • Enables file handling, transfer, and archiving of flat files such as reports, logs, photos, and videos tagged to the relevant well.
  • System can buffer, continue to receive, and cache real-time data from rig-site service providers.
  • Can send multiple streams of WITSML data and republish historical data.
  • Data quality checks to flag most common data inconsistencies from RT data acquisition systems.
  • Capacity to display at the rig site various items: alphanumeric data, comments, graphical objects, log viewer.
  • Supports high frequency data transmission from rig site to town.