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DrillOps procedural adherence

Link the plan to operations and capture all activities and events, whilst adhering to procedures and managing risks

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DrillOps procedural adherence is one of the DrillOps intelligent well delivery and insights solutions and improves process execution, collaboration, and risk management during well construction. It ensures the plan is executed as required with adherence to procedures and knowledge captured during well construction execution.

DrillOps procedural adherence, together with DrillPlan coherent well planning and engineering solutions and the integrated suite of DrillOps solutions, delivers E&P operators with a comprehensive end-to-end drilling solution, from planning to well execution.

  • Coordinate planning and execution workflows digitally
  • Track the sequence, duration, and completion of all planned and unplanned activities
  • Display operations in weekly and monthly views to improve logistics
  • Manage risks and prevent service quality events by displaying risks in the right context
  • Capture knowledge at any point during well construction
  • Share planning data with drillers, operator, and wellsite supervisors
Procedural Adherence
DrillOps procedural adherence activity tracking screen

Complete DrillPlan solution workflow integration
As an integral part of DrillOps solutions, DrillOps procedural adherence aids the coordination of well construction activities to help deliver the best results from your drilling plan. DrillOps procedural adherence improves collaboration and coordination, by directing the right information to the right people at the right time, whether they work at the rig site, or in the office.

DrillOps procedural adherence introduces a set of digital workflows that bridge the gap between the planning and execution of well construction projects. With DrillOps procedural adherence, you can import the digital drilling program (DDP) data from the DrillPlan solutions and use it to execute well construction plans, and bring them to timely and effective completion.

DrillOps procedural adherence users receive the plan overview (including section details, formation tops, risks, bottomhole assemblies, and other relevant well information) and a list of operational activities with details used to help complete the plan.

Procedural Adherence
DrillOps solutions dashboard showing navigation panel (with DrillOps procedural adherence tabs), risk warnings with suggested actions (second column), and other indicators.

Extensive tracking of well construction tasks
The system supports the tracking of activities completion and capturing notes on execution. Activity tracking includes actual start and end times for all completed activities—each logged into the DrillOps solutions database for reporting purposes. This centralized plan data helps to inform all relevant DrillOps procedural adherence users.

Each activity can include a standard operating procedure, a checklist, standard work instructions, and a video (or any other attachment) that provides DrillOps procedural adherence users with appropriate guidance. These activities ensure all tasks adhere to corporate guidelines.

A new level of insight and control for well construction activities
DrillOps procedural adherence helps deliver the well as designed—on time, on budget, and with all stakeholders fully informed of progress at every step along the way. It can export data files or a WITSML data stream, to serve as input to the customer’s reporting system.

DrillOps procedural adherence is not directed at a single person or machine but functions as a total project solution. As the only procedural adherence tool capable of linking well plans to actual execution activities, DrillOps procedural adherence provides full parameter adherence functionality to bring new levels of insight, transparency, and control to the well construction task.