Oriented Perforating

Optimize the reservoir connection and minimize risks of fiber-optic and hydraulic line damage during completion

Oriented perforating charges firing in a downhole environment.

Manage risks and improve stimulation results by directing perforations where you want them

Oriented perforating technology is used to identify and avoid fiber-optic lines or other obstacles on the outside of the casing. It can also be used to perforate at a specific angle that connects to reservoir rock with desirable properties such as formation stress and sand consolidation.


  • Prevents damage to fiber-optic data lines and minimizes risk of fluid cut during subsequent fracturing operations
  • Minimizes near-wellbore tortuosity, fracture reorientation, and risk of early screenout in hydraulic fracturing and sand control operations such as frac packs


Drawing demonstrating how gravity is used to orient perforations in a highly deviated well.
Zero-degree oriented perforating in a highly deviated wellbore.