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Advanced fluids technology

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Low rheology fluids without barite sag

The WARP fluids technology ensures low rheology drilling fluids without barite sag by creating exceptionally stable fluid properties through micron-sized weighting materials 10 times smaller than drilling-grade barite. WARP fluids technology ensures that fluids have exceptionally stable properties, reducing the risk of barite sag by providing low-viscosity fluids with low plastic viscosities and yield point, and low-shear-rate viscosity.

Reduced drilling risks and well costs during critical applications

WARP fluids technology is the ultimate choice for reducing drilling risk and well costs for a wide array of critical drilling applications such as horizontal and extended-reach wells, coiled- and through-tubing rotary drilling, managed pressure drilling, reservoir drill-in fluids, wells with narrow operating windows, HPHT wells, casing drilling, inhibitive fluids, wells with a risk of barite sag, drilling waste management, and critical cementing operations.

Lower friction factors, non-damaging to formations

With WARP fluids technology, friction factors are lower, up to 10% in cased hole and 25% in open hole. The micron-sized weighting agents also pass more efficiently through shaker screens and openhole completion screens. WARP technology is nondamaging to producing formations and completion hardware and creates a lower dynamic and static fluid-loss with thinner filtercakes and lower breakthrough pressures.