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Kinetix Frac

Integrated fracturing stimulation software

Real-time fracturing design collaboration platform in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment

Kinetix Frac integrated fracturing stimulation software combines business systems, public databases, Schlumberger stimulation databases, and asset customer data stored in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. The business systems include planning and cost evaluation tools. Public databases have well coordinates, production data, and subsurface geology (logs, welltops, surfaces, and other data). Stimulation databases contain proppants, fluid systems, additives, rheology, and completion parameters.

Kinetix Frac software optimizes effective stimulated volume to maximize production performance, estimated ultimate recovery, and ROI by leveraging big data, analytical models, and high-performance cloud computation. It accelerates stimulation design from days to minutes by automating data collection and processing workflows. This includes evaluation of offset well completion and production performance, generation of a calibrated MEM, and sensitivity analysis with concurrent computations.

Screen capture of Kinetix Frac software 3D simulation results.
Kinetix Frac software 3D simulation results of hydraulic fracturing with offset well trajectories and MEM simulated with a 45-min turnaround.
Image generated by the Kinetix stimulation software suite.

Maximize recovery through data integration

Kinetix software helps you reach your production and recovery goals with comprehensive, integrated simulators, models, and workflows that optimize hydraulic fracturing and acidizing in any reservoir and any well environment.

Kinetix, Kinetix Frac, Kinetix Matrix, and Kinetix RT software are components of a tiered offering that helps you design, plan, optimize, execute, evaluate, and report on fracturing and acidizing operations in the full range of well and downhole conditions, from simple completions to complex reservoir challenges.

Our software integrates Schlumberger industry-leading simulators for fracture design, high-resolution reservoir simulation, finite-element geomechanical simulation, and a unique particle transport model to maximize completion effectiveness in even the most complicated environments. The result is a step change in efficiency and productivity that builds on the analysis of past operations to inform and improve future development.

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