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Pocket-slip rotatable liner hanger with integral TBR and cement bushing

The pocket-slip rotatable liner hanger (PST-D/R) is part of the COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system. It is designed to be run in well applications that require tight annular clearance and meets the requirements to hang extremely heavy liners in heavy-wall casing. It features an integral tieback receptacle (TBR) and either a drillable or rotational cement bushing (DCB or RCB).

The PST-D/R also features a bypass that reduces equivalent circulating density to a low level. Its tongue-in-groove slip design also minimizes running interference and reduces the potential of casing deformation after it is set. Drive slots in the liner top permit rotation while running into the well, enabling navigation around obstructions.

pst d/r liner hanger
pst d/r liner hanger
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