WMPO Liner Top Packer | Schlumberger


Mechanical-set, conventional liner top packer

Rated to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 350 degF [176 degC]

Maximize performance of well applications requiring liner top packoff to prevent leakage

The WMPO liner top packer is run as an integral part of the liner string, replacing the liner setting adapter. Liner top packers consist of a tieback receptacle, a setting adapter used with the corresponding setting tool, and a packer element to seal the annulus. Designed to be set after the liner is cemented, the WMPO liner top packer is actuated by picking up the running string, placing the tamping dogs of the setting tool above the liner top, and slacking off weight.

Optimize well integrity and enhance well stability

During the running and cementing operation, a cementing packoff maintains a seal between the workstring and the liner. The WMPO liner top packer includes an integral retrievable cementing bushing (RCB) profile designed to eliminate extra connections in the liner hanger assembly.

The WMPO liner top packer uses standard 80,000-psi [552-MPa] through 125,000-psi [862-MPa] yield materials. Other yield strengths and materials are available on request.

wmpo liner top packer
wmpo liner top packer

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