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Cryogenic Gas Plant

Available for immediate delivery to improve your NGL recovery

Employing the field-proven NGL-MAX process using semi-lean and lean reflux, this high-recovery cyrogenic gas plant can provide an ethane recovery rate of 97% and higher from natural gas streams. In comparison with conventional designs, this recovery represents a 10% increase in production revenue. In as little as three weeks, the preengineered, modular cryogenic gas plan can be started up and commissioned at your site.

With a throughput range from 160 to 225 MMcf/d, the high-recovery cryogenic gas plant provides numerous operational advantages.

3D Rendering of 200-MMscf/d standard unit.
Cryogenic flow diagram


  • Unique patented reflux system that delivers
    • Ethane recovery mode of operation
      • Expected ethane recovery 97% and higher
      • Expected propane recovery up to 99.9%
    • Ethane rejection mode of operation
      • Expected propane recovery 96% and higher, with ethane recovery of 10%
  • Higher CO2 tolerance in the inlet feed gas (up to 2%) for capex savings
  • High-pressure demethanizer operation at a reduced downstream residue compression horsepower requirement for both capex and opex savings
  • Modular design with faster delivery to market, quality improvement, and reduced field labor costs for opex savings

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