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Modular digital completions

increase in production*
decrease in water*
decrease in water injection*

“I can design for what I need today. I can scale up or scale down. I can spot issues, take action, keep running. I can move production into new zones. And I can do it all with new levels of ease. This is my Agiliti.”

For the driller looking at lower-risk deployment options.
For the reservoir engineer challenged to do more with data.
For the independent ready to profit from leaner production today.
For the operator under pressure to lower lifting costs.

Agiliti completions are for everyone

Agiliti modular digital completions gives you maximum flexibility in intelligent completions, which simplifies well design and planning to accommodate unexpected downhole conditions. Predesigned modules and downhole wet-mate electric and electrohydraulic connectors simplify and expedite design changes that arise from reviewing your drilling data: If you decide to lengthen the well or complete an unexpectedly prolific reservoir layer, you can add a new set of packers, gauges, and FCVs to the completions design without the addition of wellhead penetrations or lines to surface.

Illustration showing the packer with a conventional design Illustration showing the packer designed with Agiliti
Illustration showing the packer managed with a conventional solution, unable to reach zone 4 with current hardware Illustration showing the packer managed with Agiliti, with full zonal control and measurement

Plug n' play completions for decreased capex per zone

Flow control and monitoring in an integrated modular unit that enables operators to simplify well design, reduce installation complexity, increase downhole control, and efficiently optimize production. The system combines field-proven flow control valves, single or dual PT gauges, and a control module in a single compact assembly. 

*Averages seen from producer and injector pairs

Proteus System Simplifies Flow Control for Five-Zone Multilateral Well in the Middle East
Fully integrated system monitors and rapidly controls production flow with only three control lines and saves 3.6 hours on well startup
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Agiliti-Enabled Equipment

Plug-and-play building blocks for agile completions


Surface-controlled bidirectional isolation valve

Isolate reservoir fluids within the upper completion and maintain a barrier through multiple operating cycles.


Electric production and reservoir management system

Optimize recovery by monitoring and controlling flow from many zones and compartments in real time, even in multilateral wells.


Electrohydraulic flow control and monitoring system

Reduce wellhead penetrations while maintaining measurement accuracy with this electrohydraulic intelligent completion system.

WellWatcher BriteBlue

Multimode DTS fiber

Enhance production management with rapid identification of reservoir flow changes in applications up to 347 degF [175 degC].


Hydraulic and electric downhole wet-mate connector

Simplify multistage intelligent completions with this combination of hydraulic wet-mate technology and an inductive coupler.

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