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Modular MWD platform

Reduce collision risk
Increase your positional certainty with repeatable, reliable survey packages
Drill wells efficiently
Alter the width of the pulse and the priority of the data transmitted
Place laterals effectively
Add real-time total, spectral, or image gamma ray (GR) measurements

Configure platform to maximize exposure and reduce risk in your reservoir.

Designed for factory and pad drilling operations, the TelePacer modular MWD platform addresses the challenges of tight economics inherent to unconventional reservoirs.

Select only the measurements you need

Achieve your drilling objectives without paying for measurements you don’t need by customizing the TelePacer platform to fit your requirements. The platform's modular design enables you to address varying levels of risk with a range of services from basic surveying and drilling dynamics to advanced well placement and drilling optimization. Compatible with LWD technologies, the TelePacer platform provides seamless communication of data.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform

The platform reduces collision risk, improves drilling efficiency, and maximizes sweet-spot exposure with a configurable suite of integrated measurements.

TelePacer Modular MWD Platform

Reduce collision risk

Increase your positional certainty to assure wellbore spacing with repeatable, reliable survey packages. Six-axis survey measurements with industry-standard geomagnetic corrections are a standard feature. Advanced survey options are available to reduce the ellipsoids of uncertainty in close-proximity wells and improve the safety of drilling extended laterals to TD with

  • lateral survey optimization services, including in-field referencing
  • true vertical depth (TVD) survey optimization services.

Drill wells efficiently

Maximize on-bottom drilling time with the TelePacer platform—which is easily installed, performs reliably, and is programmable while downhole. As a well is drilled deeper and downhole conditions or formations vary, you can avoid flat time by altering the width of the pulse and the priority of the data transmitted without pulling out of hole.

Place laterals effectively

Add real-time total, spectral, or image GR measurements to optimize landing and steering within the sweet spot.

  • Basic well steering—Total GR measurements enable basic correlation and field mapping by indicating radioactive content.
  • Advanced evaluation—Spectral GR measurements provide insight into mineral composition and clay content, positively identifying stratigraphic laminations and aiding in the completion design.
  • Critical in-zone steering—Image GR measurements enable confident geosteering decisions even in thin zones or formations with trouble zones by evaluating actual formation dips to refine subsurface models while drilling.
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