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Intelligent Completion Systems

Accelerate your monitoring and control design with integrated systems

Two Schlumberger Workers Inspecting Intelligent Completions Systems on Job Location
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Simplify intelligent completion design—with flexibility

Whether you are planning a few simple multizone wells or a field of complex multilaterals, you can rely on Schlumberger expertise for preconfigured intelligent completion systems that deliver maximum performance for specific economic and technical conditions. 

Each intelligent completion system and our modular equipment are designed and engineered to enable seamless integration and flexibility. Every reservoir is unique, and our technology helps you simplify planning, reduce installation risk, and implement the active monitoring and control you want for your target well type. Intuitive surface interfaces help you manage your production with ease.

Customize systems and components to meet specific requirements

When an order is received, an intelligent completion system is configured to meet your specifications. Schlumberger engineers perform extensive testing and analysis of each system at every development stage, from initial component testing to final system-level qualification testing. This ensures reliable, robust operations of the entire integrated system for the specified downhole conditions over the life of the well.

Intelligent Completions Systems

Intelligent Completions Systems Comparison

  Proteus System Manara System
Type Electrohydraulic All-electric
Single-trip intelligent completions Yes Yes
Multilateral intelligent completions Junction control In-lateral zonal control
Extended-reach intelligent completions Lower range of depths Yes
Multitrip intelligent completions  – Yes
Total number of control lines 1 electrical
2 hydraulic
1 electrical
Installation efficiency vs. hydraulic systems Better Best
 Valve actuation speed vs. hydraulic systems Better Best

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