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Virtual Event | 11–16 October 2020

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Schlumberger, SEG 2019

Join us during the SEG 90th Annual Meeting and Exhibition virtual event to learn how Schlumberger collaborates with you to accelerate your data-to-discovery journey in basins around the world. Our solutions are powered by

  • DELFI cognitive E&P environment, which unites planning, operations, advances in technical disciplines, and decades of domain knowledge
  • extensive multiclient library
  • secure, cloud-based geophysical, drilling, and production software
  • high performance computing capabilities
  • local and global expertise

all designed to help you save time and costs and succeed faster—at every stage of the E&P life cycle.

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Join us at SEG 2020 to learn how we work with you to accelerate your hydrocarbon discovery.

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Theater Presentations

Virtual Booth

Presentation Presenter

GAIA Data Discovery and Marketplace Platform

Maurice Nessim
Enhanced Full Waveform Inversion in Earth Model Building Denes Vigh
The Value of Ocean Bottom Nodes for Subsurface Characterization
Nigel Seymour
Least Squares Migration
Maria Shadrina
Accelerating Seismic Processing
Gavin Menzel-Jones
Fast Turnaround Time-lapse OBS Processing Enabled by Up-down Deconvolution   Richard Francis Ford
Reduce Uncertainty in Complex Subsurface Scenarios with Effective Internal Multiple Attenuation
Frederico Xavier de Melo
Increase the Potential for Enterprise Data Discovery, Integration and Value Extraction with GAIA Daniel Alvarado
eNode Land Seismic Solution Anastasia Poole 
Enhancing Unconventional Reservoir Characterization with Seismic 
Edan Gofer
Increase Your Success in Unconventional Reservoir with Seismic Engineering
Vasudhaven Sudhakar
Setting New Standards for High Density Seismic Acquisition in the Permian
Anastasia Poole
Multiclient Nodal Solution
Mohamed El-toukhy
GAIA Xchange Data Marketplace
Priya Soni

Monday, 12 October | Technical Presentations

Virtual Session

Download Full Technical Presentation Schedule
Time Presentation Presenter
1:502:15 p.m.

Internal Multiples Prediction with Separation of Overburden and Target Applied to a Shallow-Water Streamer Dataset

Jing Wu
2:15–2:40 p.m.

Understanding the Subsurface Challenges in the Gulf of Suez

Franck Le Diagon
2:40–3:05 p.m. 

Ocean Bottom Node and Full-Waveform Inversion for High-Resolution Earth Model

Suyang Chen
3:053:30 p.m. 

Wide-Azimuth Towed-Streamer and Large-Scale OBN Acquisition

Nick Moldoveanu
3:303:55 p.m. 

Processing and Imaging Solutions to Reduce Structural Uncertainty: A Case Study in Complex Geology

Mattia Speziali
3:303:55 p.m.

Stratigraphy-Generated Internal Multiple Prediction and Attenuation

Suman Gautam
4:455:10 p.m.  Multiazimuth Acquisition and High-Resolution Model Building and Imaging from Shallow-to-Deep Reservoir Suyang Chen

Tuesday, 13 October | Technical Presentations

Virtual Session

Download Full Technical Presentation Schedule
Time Presentation Presenter
8:30–8:55 a.m.

Orthorhombic Analysis of SEAM Phase II

Bruce Hootman
8:30–8:55 a.m.

Utilizing Full Wavefield Data and Multimeasurements for PP and PS Model Building

Suyang Chen
9:20–9:45 a.m. Multiple Attenuation Techniques on an Ocean Bottom Cable Survey Pedro Barros
9:20–9:45 a.m. Faster, Denser, Better: Setting New Standards for High-Density Seismic Data in the Permian Basin Anastasia Poole
10:10–10:35 a.m.

Optimized 3D and True-Azimuth Internal Multiple Attenuation Strategy

Fred Melo
10:35–11:00 a.m.

A Data-Driven Method for Optimal Parameter Value Determination for SRME

Zhimei Yan
10:35–11:00 a.m.

Broadband Multiphysics Modeling and Integrated Interpretation to Unlock Exploration Potential

Mattia Speziali
11:00–11:25 a.m.

Improving Internal Multiple Attenuation Using Enhanced 2D Inverse Scattering Series Modeling Allied with Multidimensional Curvelet Matching

Fred Melo
11:25–11:50 a.m.

Deep Learning for Seismic Image Registration

Arnab Dhara
1:50–2:15 p.m.

Reverse Time Migration with Depth Variable Frequency

Eray Kocel
1:50–2:15 p.m.

An Integrated Earth Model Building Case Study

Sam Madden
1:50–2:15 p.m.

Predicting Drilling Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Seismic Inversion

Colin Sayers
3:05–3:30 p.m.

Land Multiple Attenuation Approach

Nate Johnson
3:05–3:30 p.m.
Seismic Interpretation for Unconventional Resources in the Permian Basin
Andreas Laake
3:55–4:20 p.m. Enhancing Internal Multiple Prediction for Field Data Application by Using the Inverse Scattering Series Jing Wu
3:55–4:20 p.m. Squeezing Out the Presalt Image from a Narrow-Azimuth Dataset Marcela Ortin
3:55–4:20 p.m. Sparse Node Long-Offset Velocity Model Building Denes Vigh

Wednesday, 14 October | Technical Presentations

Virtual Session

Download Full Technical Presentation Schedule
Time Presentation Presenter
9:20–9:45 a.m. Prestack Least-Squares RTM on Surface Offset Gathers for More Reliable Quantitative Interpretation Maria Shadrina
9:20–9:45 a.m.

Dense Ocean Bottom Node Interpolation Using Priors Derived from Reciprocity

Rajiv Kumar
9:45–10:10 a.m.

Fracture Characterization from Seismic Data in the Presence of Multiple Vertical Fracture Sets

Colin Sayers
9:45–10:10 a.m.
Inversion of Gravity Anomaly for Basement Relief Estimation
Simone Re
11:25–11:50 a.m.

Source Separation Using Alternating Projection Method

Cherif Belguermi
1:50–2:15 p.m. Large-Scale Broadband Processing and Imaging with Integrated Earth Model Building Techniques Kate Glaccum
2:15–2:40 p.m. 3D Deghosting Using Single-Streamer Multimeasurement Data Yousif Izzeldin Kamil Amin
3:05–3:30 p.m. Detecting the Fundamental Mode of Energy for Surface Wave Analysis, Modeling, and Inversion Using a Deep Convolutional Network Anisha Kaul and Phil Bisby
3:55–4:20 p.m. Combining Wave Paths to Improve Brazil’s Presalt Image
Marcela Ortin
4:20–4:45 p.m. Monoclinic AVAZ Inversion Edan Gofer
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