Injection safety valve

Safety Valves
Rated to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 300 degF [149 degC]
Validated to API Spec 14A V3

Prevent injection wells from flowing back if surface controls malfunction

The Integrity injection safety valve is a tubing-retrievable, subsurface-controlled valve engineered to prevent wells from flowing back or blowing out in the event surface controls malfunction or become damaged. The normally closed valves open only at predetermined injection flow rates.

The valves can be set at any depth and, with proper material choices, are suitable for severely corrosive environments. They are capable of handling injection rates up to 100,000 bbl/d.

Rely on full metal-to-metal seals and a secondary soft seat

All Integrity valves have only two body joints and use proprietary threads to achieve a reliable, metal-to-metal seal. The innovative and field-proven flapper closure system also features full metal-to-metal sealing and a secondary soft seat; it meets leakage-acceptance criteria substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications for safety valves.

Manage changing injection rates and solids buildup

The modular valve design enables multiple material and design options—including the ability to accommodate a wide range of landing nipple profiles—providing a cost-effective solution for many different applications and operating environments. The orifice can be easily replaced for changing injection flow rates, and Schlumberger offers an optional treatment on selected internal surfaces that minimizes solids buildup, which may be caused by injected fluids. Designs are available for production tubing sizes from 4 1/2 in to 7 in.

TRC-II tubing-retrievable charged safety valve