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CemPRIME Scrub

Engineered scrubbing spacer

A cleaned casing after apply the CemPrime Scrub spacer.

Remove persistent mud for better isolation

CemPRIME Scrub engineered scrubbing spacer improves mud removal in challenging wells drilled with water-based or nonaqueous fluids (NAF).

Customized to match drilling fluid and well conditions, CemPRIME Scrub spacer contains fibers that improve mud removal in wells where conventional chemistry-based mud cleaning systems are inadequate.

An enhanced version of the standard CemPRIME engineered chemistry spacer, CemPRIME Scrub spacer is designed with surfactants and solvents that clean and demulsify in a wide range of temperatures, base oils, and salinity.

CemPRIME Scrub spacer (right image) removes nonaqueous fluid more efficiently compared with a conventional cementing spacer (left image).
CemPRIME Scrub spacer (right) removes nonaqueous fluid more efficiently compared with a conventional cementing spacer (left).
Using a conventional spacer in a previous well—with less washout severity—in the same formation resulted in a poor bond log.

Engineered Spacer Helps Sonatrach Achieve Cement Bond Goal

CemPRIME Scrub spacer with chemical wash removes mud from washouts, Algeria

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Typical bottomhole circulating temperature range: 20 to 200 degC [68 to 392 degF]
Typical fiber concentration: 2.33 lbm/bbl of spacer

Reduce or eliminate remedial cementing

CemPRIME Scrub spacer enhances cement bonds with better hole cleaning for both water-based and nonaqueous drilling fluids, helping to eliminate remedial cementing and risks of sustained casing pressure (SCP).

This cementing spacer also enhances the removal of drilling fluids and other wellbore deposits in cement plug placement and during well decommissioning.

CemPRIME Scrub
Engineered scrubbing spacer