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Wide-azimuth multiclient seismic acquisition completed in the Permian Basin

Published: 06/08/2022

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High-quality seismic imaging in the Permian Basin

SLB has completed the Greenfield 3D WAZ multiclient survey covering 145 mi2 in Yoakum and Terry Counties, Texas. The survey imaged the shallower oil and gas fields as well as deeper potential carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) targets. Fast-track products are now available, and final prestack time migration (PSTM) volumes will be delivered to licensees by July 2022.

“This survey represents a new wave that’s driving a novel oil and gas industry trend in which high-density seismic acquisition will be used for understanding both O&G targets and CCS potential. We will incorporate additional nontraditional near-surface geophysical measurements that, when combined with our state-of-the-art seismic program, will help in understanding the CCS potential in this part of the Permian Basin,” said Archana Parashar, exploration data manager for North America land.

For more information about SLB multiclient surveys, visit slb.com/multiclient.

Preliminary fast-track results, Greenfield 3D WAZ survey acquisition.
Preliminary fast-track results from Greenfield 3D WAZ survey acquisition.

Fast-track products are now available, with final PSTM volumes delivered by July 2022.

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Greenfield 3D WAZ Survey Acquisition
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