First Rigless ESP Retrieval and Replacement with Slickline, Offshore Congo

Published: 11/15/2016

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Circulating seawater during pulling and filling the upper completion with heavy brine for running in added buoyancy, reducing the loads on the lightweight slickline unit. Optional pump assistance was also available to provide an additional boost. ESP replacement without a hoist reduced operational disruption, intervention time and cost, and production deferment. It also had significant safety advantages with the elimination of offshore heavy interventions.
Congo, Africa, Offshore

Offshore Congo

Approximate pump setting depth, ft [m]
4,400 [1,341
Casing size, in [mm]
9.625 [244.475]


When a third-party ESP located offshore Congo needed to be replaced, the ZEiTECS Shuttle* rigless ESP replacement system installed in the well provided a quick and cost-effective solution.

The ESP was pulled out in about 2 hours using a slickline with a diameter of 0.16 in [4.06 mm]. After the damaged components had been replaced, the ESP was run back to depth in 25 minutes, again on slickline. The estimated total time for this rigless workover, including rig-up and rig-down, was just 4 days. This was the fourth mating-demating operation in the well with the ZEiTECS Shuttle system in 4 years, demonstrating its long-term reliability.

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