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Performance Center

Aberdeen center focuses on sustainability and new energy

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Performance Center

Based in Aberdeen, the Performance Center is a one-stop shop for collaboration, enabling deeper engagement between all industry partners. The center acts as local hub for key services across digital, oil and gas, and new energy, making them easily accessible to customers.

Greatest balancing act
The SLB vision is to define and drive high performance sustainably. The world is facing its greatest balancing act—the need to provide reliable, accessible energy to meet growing demand while rapidly decarbonizing for a sustainable future. We are working together to abate emissions. Decarbonization is complex yet critical. We need global tech solutions that can be adopted today, at scale, to cut emissions strategically. This energy transition requires new levels of collaboration to deliver a sustainable future and the Performance Center is a forward-looking customer center that will help enable that for our customers and partners. The center is intended to serve a shift toward clean energies.
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Leveraging the full potential of the North Sea

Through the Performance Center, we are leveraging a vibrant network of partnerships to create new solutions and drive high performance for our customers.


SLB is excited to work closely with our customers and our partners, leveraging the capabilities deployed in the Performance Center to accelerate innovation and unlock the full potential of the North Sea.


2024 Performance Centre Events

Late Life Performance: Leveraging data at scale to maximize value from the UKCS existing well stock

According to the 2023 NSTA Report 34 % of wells are currently temporary shut in the UKCS. In this session we will discuss how to leverage data to drive efficiency and performance at scale. We will address how Digital Well Reviews along with predictive analysis can be used to extend the life of existing wells, maximizing the value of the existing well stock, specifically in mature fields, and untap this potential of reserves, that otherwise may become stranded.

SLB Performance Centre

Thursday, 23 May 2024

Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU


Intelligent Production Engineer – genAI based Hackathon

Discover how genAI revolutionizes & disrupts the critical production space of UK energy landscape. Participate in an engaging hackathon organized by SLB to unleash the power of LLM mesh on Dataiku platform and create your very own “Intelligent Production Engineer”.
The hackathon will be conducted in-person at the Performance Center by SLB AI & Production engineering team and will utilize public data. The participants will be required to bring their own laptops and they will access the Dataiku sandbox environment via URL. The access will be terminated at the end of the hackathon.

SLB Performance Centre

Tuesday, 18 June 2024

Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU


Production Efficiency: Addressing Liquid Loading Challenges in Mature Fields

Liquid loading has been flagged as one of the key challenges we would need to address to maximize our production efficiency in the North Sea basin.
This session will address the pressing issue of liquid loading challenges and solutions tailored specifically for UK oil and gas operators. Explore the complexities of declining reservoir pressures, high gas-to-liquid ratios, and intricate reservoir geology prevalent in the North Sea. Discover innovative strategies aimed at optimizing production despite liquid loading constraints. Engage with industry experts to exchange insights, best practices, and emerging technologies to enhance operational efficiency and extend the economic viability of oil and gas assets in the UKCS.

SLB Performance Centre

Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU


Methane Emissions Management

In this session we will provide a comprehensive overview of the various strategies and technologies employed to detect, quantify, and mitigate methane emissions across oil and gas value chain.
We will discuss the regulatory landscape, financial implications, and collaboration opportunities that are pivotal in driving effective methane management. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in methane emission reduction and the importance of collective action in combating climate change.

SLB Performance Centre

Prime Four Business Park, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8PU


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