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Directional Drilling Services

Trajectory control in directional drilling

Schlumberger offers expert directional drilling services with proven trajectory control technologies to provide the precise directional control needed for high-quality wellbores required to successfully run and cement casing, and optimal well placement for maximum production and recovery—all leading to drilling improved well economics. Schlumberger LWD and MWD services deliver high-quality data to enable time-critical decisions for accurate drilling of extended-reach, horizontal, vertical, and complex directional well trajectories and sidetracks.

At-Bit Steerable Systems

Integrated steering and cutting structure technology for unprecedented DLS capability, durability, and ROP.

Rotary Steerable Systems

RSS offerings for maximum directional control.

PowerDrive rotary steerable systems

PowerDrive RSSs take on every drilling application, from conventional to ultraHT and verticals to ultraERD. Full rotational capability, onboard power generation, measurements close to the bit, and nine different service options provide fast and robust tools to power up positive well outcomes, so you hit your target, drill cost effectively, and reduce NPT.

With the most experience on the market, the PowerDrive RSS family has drilled over 320 million feet.

Minimize the expense of each barrel produced

Full rotation means PowerDrive RSSs drill faster and pull out of hole faster, reducing time to production. They are engineered for rugged endurance in harsh applications and combine reliable measurements and fast downlink configurations with nimble steering options. That means the PowerDrive RSS family delivers well placement so precise that drillers can thread the needle, even in those narrow sweet spots. The result is an easy-to-complete wellbore that minimizes construction time and expense within the pay zone.

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PowerDrive Orbit G2

Rotary steerable system

Leverage increased abrasion resistance, higher DLS for tighter curves, and better directional control while lowering emissions.

PowerDrive Xcel

Rotary steerable system

Maintain tight directional control through the magnetic zone of exclusion and monitor stick/slip, shock, and vibration.

PowerDrive vorteX Max

High-powered rotary steerable system

This high-powered system is the only fully rotating RSS that delivers higher ROP with more power, improved downhole reaction, and tighter directional control.

PowerDrive Archer

High build rate rotary steerable system

Drill complex curves and trajectories and sidetrack without making an extra trip.

PowerDrive ICE

UltraHT rotary steerable system

Improve performance in ultraHT wells with a fully rotating RSS that operates normally at 200 degC [392 degF].


Vertical drilling rotary steerable system

Actively and automatically maintain verticality from surface to TD through automatic inclination control.

Autonomous Directional Drilling

Autonomous directional drilling unites all the technology, backed by all the engineering and domain expertise that Schlumberger has amassed for a century.

Drilling Optimization Services

Real-time analysis solutions.


Well construction performance service

Monitor and analyze processes and downhole conditions in real time.


Real-time drilling intelligence service

Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling using actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard.


Look-ahead-while-drilling service

Improve casing-point selection and reduce drilling risks with continuous resistivity ahead of the bit.


Seismic-while-drilling service

Acquire borehole seismic measurements for real-time, time-depth-velocity information without disrupting drilling operations.

Drilling Motors

Motors that enhance torque output and directional control.

Our broad portfolio of positive displacement mud motors is designed to meet the challenges of directional drilling regardless of the drilling challenge. Our high-performance drilling motors and the ability to model application- or basin-specific motors means we can provide unique, fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver a step change in drilling performance.

A rendering of a drilling BHA with bit and drilling motor moving through a rock formation


High-performance drilling motor

Increase torque output in high-volume drilling.

DynaForce Flex

Shale drilling motor

Reduce drilling time by achieving the vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run.

DynaForce DTX

Thin-wall motor

Increase power output and improve steering accuracy in harsh drilling environments.


Steerable motors

Meet the demanding criteria of directional drilling and other applications with innovative motor technology.


Neyrfor turbodrilling systems that increase rpm.

Neyrfor Turbodrills

High-power turbodrilling efficiency

Maintain optimal power while on bottom and extend run time.

Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill

Slimhole system that withstands harsh conditions

Efficiently convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for improved ROP and efficiency.

Drilling Software

Advisory services and technologies that increase automation and efficiency.


Automated surface rotation control system

Increase downhole motor and MWD directional system efficiency and enable automated torque control while sliding.

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