Bolt-On Modular Protectors

Designed for the REDA Maximus ESP system

REDA Maximus protector.

Streamline installation and enhance production

REDA Maximus electric submersible pump (ESP) system protectors combine proven reliability with innovative, plug-and-play design to streamline installation and enhance production. Operators can customize the configuration of their modular Maximus system protectors to meet the requirements of their specific application by combining labyrinth and elastomer bag (positive seal) chambers—in series or parallel—with thrust bearing types, shaft material, and motor oil types.

Simplify work at the wellsite

Oil-filling and shimming procedures are performed in controlled Schlumberger manufacturing and service centers. Assembly at the factory simplifies work at the wellsite, resulting in less NPT and leading to faster production.

Integration with MaxJoint ESP flange connection technology ensures protectors are connected at the wellsite with leak-tight seals.

REDA Maximus Protector