REDA Maximus

ESP motor

REDA Maximus motor.
Casing OD from 3.75 to 5.62 in [95.25 to 42.7 mm]
Wide power range from 14.3 to 1,126 hp at 60 Hz
Max. winding temperature of 400 degF [204 degC]
Shipping and storage temperature of –40 to 176 degF [–40 to 80 degC]

Improve reliability with robust rotor bearings

The REDA Maximus ESP motor combines strength and reliability with an innovative plug-and-play concept to improve reliability and run life in both conventional and unconventional applications. Using the exclusive MaxJoint ESP flange connection technology for simpler and more reliable mechanical connections of motors and protectors, it saves costly workover and rig time. The system features a MaxLok ESP quick-plug motor lead extension that ensures a leak-tight connection and eliminates the process of taping in the pothead terminals at the wellsite.

Variable-rated for different operating conditions, the Maximus ESP motors offer flexibility across all ESP wells and applications, including severe weather conditions. Maximus ESP system protector heads feature the same abrasion-resistant bearing system successfully implemented in REDA ESP systems for more than 15 years.

Single Tandem Motors
Factory-filled motors for the Maximus ESP system incorporate MaxJoint technology sealed with a special compensating shipping cap to maintain the contamination-free oil during transportation and storage.
ESP motor install

Speed installation time and reduce risk

Installation operations traditionally done onsite, such as protector shimming and oil servicing of motors and protectors, are performed in the controlled environment of Schlumberger manufacturing and service centers. Factory-filled components arrive at the wellsite ready for faster and easier installations, eliminating risks and failures caused by human errors.

Improve monitoring capabilities

Maximus ESP system motors include an optional gauge-ready base, making the motors fully compatible with any type of Phoenix artificial lift downhole monitoring system for real-time monitoring of ESP and reservoir performance.

REDA Maximus
Install-ready ESP motor