BK-B Barrier Series Injection-Pressure-Operated Gas Lift Valve | SLB


Barrier Series injection-pressure-operated gas lift valve

Perforated Gas Lift
Qualification to API Spec 19G2 V1
Max. operating pressure of 10,000 psi [68,947.6 kPa]
1-in OD
Max. temperature rating of 350 degF [177 degC]

Enable continuous or intermittent production

As part of the Barrier Series gas lift valves—valves especially suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations—the BK-B Barrier Series injection-pressure-operated gas lift valves are used for continuous or intermittent gas lift production. Based on field-proven Camco systems technology, these retrievable valves feature a barrier-qualified, integral reverse-flow valve. Applications include tubing or annular flow, depending on installation of the side pocket mandrel.

The barrier gas lift valve's design is based on Schlumberger traditional unloading and operating gas lift valves, which incorporate a high-specification, metal-to-metal back check sealing module that has been developed and tested to meet strict quality, leak-rate, and performance standards. The check design incorporates enhanced geometry to minimize erosion while maintaining dart stability during high-rate operations. This increased performance and reliability enables the barrier gas lift valves to be installed as a well barrier element.

BK B Barrier Series Injection Pressure Operated Gas Valve