O-21R-B Gas Lift Valve | SLB


Single-point-injection orifice gas lift valve

Perforated Gas Lift
Qualification to barrier standards, API Spec 19G2 V1, and ISO 17078-2 V1
Max. operating pressure of 10,000 psi [68,947.6 kPa]
Max. temperature rating of 350 degF [177 degC]
1.5-in OD

Ensure wellbore integrity

As part of the Barrier Series gas lift valves—valves especially suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations—the O-21R-B Barrier Series single-point-injection orifice gas lift valves are used for continuous-flow gas lift applications. An integral choke controls the flow of gas through this normally open valve into the production conduit. The valves also have a floating choke. Based on field-proven Camco systems technology, these valves also contain a barrier-qualified, positive-sealing, integral reverse-flow check valve.

Continuous flow operation

Injection gas enters the valve through the external ports between the valve packing sets and then travels through the choke, past the reverse-flow barrier check valve, and into the production conduit.

O21R B Single Point Injection Orfice Gas Lift Valve