Lift better to get more from your reservoir 

Two new artificial lift technologies are redefining production performance, efficiency, and sustainability

3D abstract image representing artificial lift

Accelerating sustainability and performance: the worldwide introduction of new innovative SLB artificial lift technologies at OPES

We’re looking forward to introducing you to our two latest artificial lift technologies, which are launching globally at the Oman Petroleum & Energy Show.

Visit us at OPES Booth 3200 to talk with our experts and learn how to get more from your reservoir.

Reda Agile 3D tool drawing

Navigate any well: Reda Agile compact wide-range ESP system

  • The innovative shorter and lighter design of the Reda™ Agile™ compact wide-range ESP system reduces assembly and installation time and then easily navigates doglegs and other complicated trajectories to go farther in your well.

  • Your production efficiency is enhanced by the widest ESP operating range in the industry—simply adjust the motor speed instead of having to replace this ESP system as production varies.

  • Modern modular manufacturing reduces Agile ESP system’s embedded carbon footprint.
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Lift any fluid at lower power consumption: Reda PowerEdge energy-efficient wide-range ESPCP system

  • The Reda PowerEdge™ energy-efficient wide-range ESPCP system can lift any API gravity and high gas and solids content.

  • Going rodless makes the ESPCP system easier to install farther in the well and also eliminates sucker rod–related failures.

  • The extensive redesign reduces both power consumption and related CO2 emissions by up to 55%.

  • Repurpose existing ESP surface equipment and cables when you install a PowerEdge ESPCP system.
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