Port Plug Guns and HEGS High-Efficiency Gun Systems | SLB

Port Plug

Retrievable hollow carrier gun

Perforating Lab

Port Plug guns are hollow carrier guns that shoot the charges through replaceable plugs in a reusable gun carrier. They feature highly flexible multiple-gun selectivity for remote operations, enabling the perforation of large intervals with minimal hardware.

HEGS high-efficiency gun systems are similar to Port Plug guns, with longer, expendable hollow carriers that are faster to load and run.

Casing guns for perforating before the completion string is run (or after it’s pulled)

Port Plug and HEGS gun systems are usually shot in overbalance conditions to maintain well control.

Port Plug guns are retrievable and are designed specifically for use on electric wireline. Multiple-gun selectivity enables shooting several zones per run in a well. Instead of percussion switches, Port Plug guns use the ASFS addressable-switch firing system, which attaches a uniquely addressed electronic switch to each detonator. In addition to providing flexibility for remote operations, Port Plug guns require only minimal amounts of hardware for perforating large intervals.

HEGS gun systems are designed specifically for fast loading with minimal carrier preparation. Conveyed on electric wireline cable, the HEGS guns are expendable and can be combined for selective perforating at lengths up to 40 ft.

Port Plug Guns and HEGS High-Efficiency Gun Systems