Unconsolidated Optimized Charges | SLB

Unconsolidated Optimized Charges

Optimized for the wellbore, reservoir, fluids, and completion geometry

Perforating charges

Achieve large entrance holes across the wellbore using a family of big hole perforating charges developed specifically for unconsolidated formations.

PowerFlow and PowerFlow Max slug-free big hole shaped charges and CleanPack and CleanPack Max debris-free perforating charges are available for gun sizes 2 to 7 in.

The HSD high shot density perforating gun systems are configured to produce large-diameter perforations. Maximizing the area open to flow (AOF) of the perforations helps facilitate placement of the gravel pack in sand control completions to facilitate placement of the gravel pack.

Man in coveralls and hard hat works with perforating guns.