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Instrumented docking perforating gun system

Tempo charge carrier.

Perforate using built-in advanced real-time data

The Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system is the industry’s first perforating gun system to fully integrate a plug-in gun with real-time advanced downhole measurements obtained throughout the operation. This unique combination significantly mitigates operational risk while increasing safety, reliability, and efficiency. By generating and confirming dynamic underbalance in the well, the Tempo system effectively removes perforation debris to optimize productivity.

Mitigate risks with compact, built-in safety plug-in design

The proprietary docking components of the compact plug-in gun design simplify assembly and eliminate the major causes of perforating misfires: technique-sensitive crimping and wiring. The system can streamline the deployment of up to 40 plug-in guns for selective initiation to efficiently perforate multiple intervals in a single descent into the well. Both single and selective perforating guns can be quickly armed offline to further support operational safety and efficiency.

Instrumented docking perforating gun system
Tempo perforating guns RF shielding.
Perforate with precision for higher efficiency and verified effectiveness of operations.

Achieve clean perforations with high-precision measurements and dynamic underbalance

The complete suite of real-time data acquired by the Tempo system makes it possible to confirm and optimize perforating design and execution. The ruggedized technology obtains pressure, temperature, casing collar locator, and optional gamma ray before, during, and after perforating without the need for a shock absorber

Exact gun placement is ensured by the dual correlation capabilities, and new high-precision pressure measurements verify the intrinsic application of dynamic underbalance for creating clean perforations that drive productivity. The Tempo system also accurately measures high-speed dynamic shock, which is a critical input parameter to help validate modeling for future operations.

Eliminate RF silence requirements and drive production

System trench testing was one of the many tests conducted in developing and benchmarking the Tempo system. In addition to the system's verified consistent operational performance, reliability, and efficiency in delivering clean, productive perforations, its design provides safety in compliance with API RP 67 Group 2 specifications and radio frequency (RF) protection—virtually eliminating all RF silence requirements.

Tempo perforating guns being fired.
Safety compliance and RF frequency protection provided by the Tempo system translates to saved rig time.
Tempo system field results technical paper

SPE Technical Paper—Tempo System Field Results

Read the full SPE technical paper on how the first-of-its-kind Tempo instrumented docking perforating gun system has performed in fields around the world. Access this premium content for an in-depth review of various perforating applications, test results, and ways the system has added value for operators.

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