Multiphase gas-handling system

AGH Gas Handling
OD options from 4.00 to 8.62 in [101.6 to 219 mm]
Shaft diameter from 0.87 to 1.37 in [22.2 to 34.8 mm]
Heliocoaxial stage type
Self-lubricating, silicon carbide graphitized radial bearing material
Power consumption from 16 to 200 hp at 60 hz

Increase production in reservoirs with high GOR

High-GOR, high-gas environments are now common electric submersible pump (ESP) applications, but to produce at full potential, main production pumps need the support of reliable gas handling technology.

The MGH multiphase gas-handling system is designed to manage this issue. The specially designed axial-flow stages of the MGH system provide a more efficient energy transfer than centrifugal stages, avoiding gas locking at high gas-volume fractions (GVFs). The system efficiently manages higher percentages of free gas in gassy wells and achieves much higher drawdowns in subsea wells and wells with nonvented packers, resulting in trouble-free operations and increased production from reservoirs.

MGH system pumps are available in many series options, with gas and liquid downhole flow rates from 800 to 47,000 bbl/d [127 to 7,472 m3/d].

MGH Multiphase Gas Handling

Robust ESPs Handle Rapid Production Decline and High Gas Content for Chesapeake Energy

See how the MGH multiphase gas-handling system and other ESP technologies increased run life by 181% despite solids, high gas ratio, and declining production in an Oklahoma field.

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Multiphase Gas Handling
75% gas volume fraction at the intake

Efficiently handle up to 75% free gas

Standard gas handling systems rely on centrifugal force to transfer energy to the liquid or gas mixture. Even with a free gas content of 10% to 20% in the pump, the liquid and gas will separate, and energy transfer efficiency will decrease. If enough gas accumulates, the pump will gas lock and prevent fluid movement.

The MGH system's helicoaxial flow stage ensures a good mix between the gas and liquid. It breaks up large gas bubbles, reduces the gas volume, and primes the main production pump. The system can successfully operate at lower intake pressures with GVF in the pump up to 75%, far exceeding the 40% to 45% GVF limits of conventional gas-handling devices.

The field-proven system can be installed in conjunction with a gas separator or a standard intake, depending on the application.

MGH Multiphase Gas Handling