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REDA Continuum LF

Low-flow, extended-life ESP pump

REDA Continuum Unconventional
Target production rate: 50 to 1,000 bbl/d at 60 Hz [6 to 132 m3/d at 50 Hz]
Casing diameter: 5.5 in or larger
Abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide radial bearing configuration

Improve lift, efficiency, and reliability in low-flowing oil wells

The REDA Continuum LF low-flow, extended-life ESP pump significantly improves lift, efficiency, lifetime, and power consumption in unconventional and conventional oil wells with very low flow rates, transient and slug flow, solids and abrasives, frequent stops and starts, and production uncertainty.

Optimal downthrust management makes Continuum LF pump an ideal choice during late well life. The result is extended lifetime as production declines, which reduces opex and capex for replacement and alternative artificial lift solutions.

Cut workover costs by accelerating ESP installation

Factory shimming enables precise shaft setting to match REDA Maximus install-ready ESP motors and protectors and reduce installation time by at least 60%.

Patented ARZ abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide bearings and compression-ring construction provide advanced radial stability even in the most challenging conditions, minimizing vibration, ensuring smooth operation, and reducing wear. The compliant-mounted bearings repeatedly show less wear in tests and actual field performance over a wide range of well conditions as compared with alternative bearing materials.

Graph showing Continuum LF pump curve for 60 Hz with sg = 1
Continuum LF pump curve for 60 Hz with sg = 1.
Graph showing Continuum LF pump curve for 60 Hz with sg = 1